A look at Dredd 3D

 First off let me say that I am a 2000AD fan, particularly the early years when the world was without mobiles and the comic cost 8p. So you could imagine my elation recently I was fortunate enough to attend a special showing of Dredd 3D. In attendance were Alex Garland and Karl Urban along with John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra the original creators.
For those who do not have an understanding of the character and his universe the action is set within a immense urban city (Mega-City One) existing post some sort of unspecified (in the film) apocalyptic event. Since the crime levels are running out of control a special type of law officers called Judges have been created with the right to dispense instant justice and it is during one such patrol that the action is set.
 To say any more of the plot would spoil it. There is no need to know the comic at all since the story is well laid out. If you are a fan there is a huge amount of background detailing that will raise a smile or a nod of acknowledgement. What the makers have done is created a universe where things have to function giving everything a very utilitarian look. Not unlike the recent Batman films.
The film is laced with violence which is visceral and brutal in places but not shocking and does actually allow for some clever 3D effects. The one aspect that did initially throw me was the language. In the comic universe they had replacement words for swearing which is redundant when you have an 18 certificate. Somehow I wasn’t expect that but it did fit better than the use of an imaginary expletive (although I did see one ‘Drokk’ in there!).
The film is laced with violence which is visceral and brutal
The elephant in the room is that this isn’t the first 2000AD movie. Judge Dredd has been on the big screen once before. In that version the aesthetics might be the more typical comic imagery but not much else from the comic made it through. Where that film was wearing the imagery of Dredd, this film is totally Dredd.
This is not your typical comic stipe movie adaption. It treads its own path and is richer for it. They even used the original Dredd ‘rock’ logo at the start of the film. So no excuses now go see it, I know I’m going again.
Thanks to Neil for sending this in for us!
Check out the Dredd website here because, I am the LAW!

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