Play Expo 2012 Manchester Round up

Play Expo 2012 Manchester

Replay Events held the latest Play Expo last weekend in Manchester’s Event City. This was the first time Play Expo has come to Manchester as previous events were held in Blackpool.

Play Expo is different from other gaming conventions because they cater for a majority of gamers needs by splitting the areas up, and here’s how it went.

As former professional gamer myself I could relate to this but for those who are new to the eSports side of gaming, it was a great opportunity for the public to come and see some of the best players in the world competing in games like Call of Duty.

You could walk around the players as they play their group matches and then watch the action as it gets heated, on the show stage. 

Drawing in the crowds was the area, this was where the new games were on hand to play such as FIFA13, PES13, NBA 2K13 and Tekken.

The up coming games were what got me excited, some big names turned up and the representative’s were more then happy to assist you if needed, while you try these new games.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Medal of Honor, Ni No Kuni, Halo 4 and Metal Gear Rising were some of the highlights. Nintendo were also on hand with the new Wii U letting you play a whole bunch of titles for the new system.

A simple term for dressing up as a character, we all do it for halloween but these guys and girls take it to the next level and they sure know how to do it too!

This section had repair shops and competitions and even lessons / guides on how to create the right look for your outfit, very informative! 

Home of retro is more fitting! What was definitely the biggest turn out of the event, this place was amazing, truly amazing. Rows after rows of tables were setup with what I could see was every handheld and home console system from our childhoods; gameboys, NES, gaming watch, you name it you could properly of played it! That wasn’t it, arcade machines and pinball cabinets filled the rest of the place, the most I’ve ever seen in one place, lots of fun to be had here.

Lots of shops turned up to offer you most things that were related to video games and as you could guess the retro store was pretty busy!

While you could tell Replay Events strong point was setting up the retro and arcade area, their was still enough things to do to enjoy the whole day. Some big names turned up with new release including, EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Capcom and Konami. This is just the starting point for Play Expo, I had a fun time at the event and Blast Process will return in bigger numbers at next years Expo, for sure!

Some special mentions goto, Retro Collect, Screen Targets, The Attic Bug, Nintendo and Konami. It was awesome to meet up with like minded people and made our day even more enjoyable! 

A couple of short videos are listed below of the event and even more content will be going up shortly.


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