A look at CyberLink Media Director

CyberLink, the worlds leading multimedia software company has released it’s brand new software package; the Director Suite.

Director Suite includes virtual pieces of software for your media productions needs, so let’s take a look at whats on offer:

PowerDirector 11

 PowerDirector 11 takes video editing performance, speed and quality to new levels. It is the first in its category to support GPGPU to speed up video rendering, revolutionary content-aware editing for an intelligent automated process, 4K resolution support for high quality productions, and more.

The latest PowerDirector has been updated to number 11, but is it worth updating or staying with an older version, lets look at some of the new updates.

Content-Aware Editing is a new feature that analyzes your video clips and can automatically make changes that will improve your overall video. It does this by adding effects, adjusting lighting, improving the motion and panning of your shots. You can then make any changes to the video that you see fit with the after editing, just in case you wanted to tweak some of the shots your self.

Support has now been added for 4K Ultra HD to help create those pixel perfect videos and while editing your videos you can use that dual screen setup to give you even more room and spread your workload over two screen, handy to use the second screen as a preview window. Customizable Hotkeys give you a edge on faster editing by choosing what keys do what, something thats used by most photo editing users.

Those of you who’ve used PowerDirector before will already be a dab hand at the editing tools within the program and will be happy to hear that the Tile Designer, Particle Designer, PiP Designer and Menu Designer have all had an overhaul of updates and tweaks made to them to help make your videos, just that much better. In fact these updates make everything alot easier to edit and more importantly, simple to do so.

Processing time has always been a stumbling block when creating videos, especially when finishing off videos and exporting them to YouTube or to a DVD, trial and error comes into play when selecting the correct format and codec to use and again, this takes time. PowerDirector 10 did fantastic job in speeding the final process up, PowerDirect 11 takes this up a notch. TrueVelocity 3 takes this to the next level and can increase the processing time up to 38.84% faster then before, leaving you more time to play around with your videos.

This Media package also comes with the following software that all work inter laced with each other.

 PhotoDirector 4
PhotoDirector 4 is a comprehensive, powerful, and intuitive solution for creating professional looking photos. From the moment your photos are imported, you become empowered with exciting tools and features that help bring out depth and sharpness so portraits become flawless and scenery transforms into stunning masterpieces. Editing photos will never be the same again.

ColorDirector brings professional video color enhancement tools to your desktop. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, you can easily correct colors, adjust tonality, change regional colors with advanced motion tracking, and more. Whether you’re a color pro or an aspiring colorist, ColorDirector helps give your videos the professional film look.


Add sparkle your movies with AudioDirector’s powerful sound tools for building your own soundtracks with multi-track recording and mixing, and removing noise and restoring audio with state-of-the-art technologies. Impress your audience with striking audio effects.

Packed with the latest media software from CyberLinks range, Director Suite will sure help the creative mind in all of us video editors.

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