A look at Kingston Wi-Drive Wireless Storage

Kingston Wi-Drive is a portable storage device that’s aimed at helping you to connect and share you’re content between other users or simple taking the desired content to a different device. The best thing is, it’s wireless and multiple users can connect to it, streaming or copying the same or a whole range of different media types.

Inside the box is the Wi-Drive itself, you can buy it in three different storage sizes 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of HDD space. A USB 2.0 cable for use with Windows/Mac and a Getting Started guide.

The Wi-Drive features a stylish design with a slim and light weight form that resembles the look of a iPhone 3G with a black gloss finish. A mini USB port is located on the top with a Power LED on/off button on the right hand side, along with the WiFi Activity LED just underneath the power button.

Setting up the Wi-Drive is a straight forward procedure. Connect the Drive using the supplied USB cable to your PC/Laptop and select the new device in My Computer, you can then create new folders eg Videos, Music or Photos etc and drag an drop the content you wish to share. Download the freeWi-Drive App from the relevant store for your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices or Amazon Kindle Fire product. Select WiFi on your iPhone for example and pick Wi-Drive then open up the App itself, you will then seen the wireless drive and the folders that you created within that drive.

Simple pick or copy the content you wish to use, it’s that easy. I use the Wi-Drive with my Google Nexus 7 16GB table and with the limited space of the Nexus I can now stream my videos to the Nexus instead of worrying about clogging up my HDD space.

The Kingston Wi-Drive is great for sharing your content quickly between other devices and friends because it’s a easy drag and drop mechanic, all you need is the App installed and your ready to go.

More details on Kingston Wi-Drive Wireless Storage Device can be found here.


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