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Regular reader Mel offered to send in her thoughts on 3 popular iPhone/iPad games. Thanks Mel! Can she tempt you to download any of these three?

In a recent release by Apple, it revealed the top downloaded free apps over both the iPhone and iPad. The list was topped by Facebook and followed by a variety of practical and fun apps, including the most downloaded free games available for download. As an avid iPad gamer, I was surprised by the top three games in the list.

At the top of the list, Words With Friends – a game of interactive scrabble with players linked through your Facebook and email or randomly selected players who have also downloaded the app. Having never played it before, I delved in. I found it strangely disappointing, it’s just scrabble without the banter, there is an option to chat but it just doesn’t have the same impact.

Half the fun of those games is the family arguments around the table, sly 2 letter words you read in the dictionary ten minutes before to impress your little brother, and the heated debates over whether a word is real or even allowed.

A disappointing 1/5 

Next on the list is Angry Birds Free, and I can understand exactly why this is one of the most downloaded free games – its exciting, addictive and and most of all, totally stupid! You throw birds of various colours and abilities (including splitting into three birds and going faster) at strange contraptions made of materials such as wood and glass to attack green pigs of different sizes. The fewer birds you use, the more points you get, the more points you get the more Stars you get and you move on to the next bizarre level.

It’s crazy ideas, bright colours and simplicity make it addictive- there’s always time for ‘just one more go’, it’s a game of skill and luck, and can resort to excessive shouting of ‘BREAK!’ and frustration when you know that if that was real life, it really would have broken.

An excitable 5/5 

Third in this list is Paper Toss, although high on the list, I had yet to hear any mention of it. With a name like Paper Toss, the expectations are low, but I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded this app. The aim is simple, flick paper balls into a bin, combating wind resistance (a fan) and try and get as many balls into the bin in a row as possible – a classic childish game. The childish aspect makes it very appealing, everyone at some point had thrown a paper ball towards a bin and hoped it would crash straight in (in my case, rarely, if ever) and the roar that would erupt around the classroom or office when it landed square in the bin.

That sense of childhood games and fun is echoed in the game, the setup is just like an office and the score on a whiteboard, and just like Angry Birds, there is always time for ‘just one more game’ as the shots into the bin take seconds. However, after playing this game for a while I can imagine it becoming tiresome, as nothing appears to change and you stare at the same screen shot after shot.

A childish 4/5

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