Podcast: Football Manager Confessions

Like playing Football Manager?

Enjoy listening to podcasts?

Regular contributor Sam Buchanan, a voice that has appeared on a number of our podcasts has teamed up with his friend Jack to create a new monthly show dedicated to Football Manager. Together they chat about their currents FM careers, scout reports and general chatter regarding the PC/Mac version of the game.

During the podcast they’ll also be chatting about current footballing stories from the real world, and not to be out-done by this sites regular podcast they’ve even gone and included a little quiz too.

You can listen to the podcast right now via SoundCloud. It’ll be available soon via direct download and iTunes.

Enjoy the show? Have any feedback for the guys? It’s easy to get in touch. You can ether drop us an email (contact@blastprocess.com), tweet to them (@FMConfessions) or like them on Facebook (Facebook.com/FMConfessions).

Welcome aboard lads!

Have an idea for an article? Fancy writing a piece about a videogame, whether it be retro or current generation? Get in touch if you’d like some work posted here on BlastProcess.com by emailing us at contact@blastprocess.com.


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