Welcome to BlastProcess.com’s New Home!

Yes, BlastProcess.com celebrates turning yet another year older today. For the last 3 years we’ve been posting articles, videos and more recently podcasts in relation to all things gaming.

What better way to celebrate than to give the website a fresh lick of paint? Well, that was our original intentions anyway, turns out we’ve gone and totally replaced it. Our regular readers will have spotted the obvious visual differences however I thought it would only be fair to run through what has changed, and in some cases why we felt change was needed.

Welcome to BlastProcess.com, Version III.

From Blogger to WordPress

Blogger.com has been great. The service it provided us with when we first set up the site were ideal. None of us wanted to mess around with complicate web design ‘stuff’ we just wanted to get on with it and start writing and filming about games. As we’ve gained more and more content however we felt the need to organise it all a little better. I’ll happily admit that I on more than a few occasions forgot to update pages with new relevant articles once posted.

In short moving over to WordPress will make organising our content easier. Sharing and highlighting new posts are also big plus points, not to mention more options to customize the website.

High Definition

Version I of the site came together relatively quickly. It’s design was very simple and over time we introduced a large number of large logos for each ‘category’ we started to create. The problem with its very simplistic design was that as our content grew the site started to look ‘busy’ and untidy. Links were flying about everywhere, and as our first year was coming to a close we decided to give it an overhaul.

The site certainly went darker, switching from the ‘white’ approach to a black background. Our logo changed colour too to fit in its new surroundings. Our left hand side of the site greatly improved, with a large focus on our 3 major sharing channels (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter). Both the left and right sidebars looked a lot neater compared to its predecessor.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Tom enjoying a classic Megadrive title

The actual design of the site has changed very little since, with only the addition of a ‘widget’ for the podcast we began to host joining the party.

One thing I did remember from the Version I-to-Version II were the comments about the change in colours. A number of readers admitted they prefered the ‘clean’ white look of the original site. Naturally, this point appeared very early on when myself and Mike started to create the site you see now and the decision to go back to white was a fairly simple one. I hope you all agree that it makes the site seem very ‘fresh’.

New Arrivals

One thing that always bugged us with the old sites was a lack of being able to highlight the latest posts with ease. You’ll have already spotted that this problem has hopeful become a thing of the past thanks to the large ‘featured slider’ showing off the last 6 posts. Just in case you’re browsing other pages within the site you’ll always have the last 6 articles linked on the left hand side for quick access.


Ben likes podcasting. Can you not tell?


We are, of course, spread over various social websites. When we’ve published content previously we’ve had to manually share the links via those channels or by clicking the buttons on the new post. Not a massive deal, I know, but still. Thankfully, everything we post to this new site will be automatically posted to our social channels (Huzzah!) so if you haven’t liked us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter yet perhaps now is a good time?

Everything in its place

It’s so much easier to keep posts organized now, seriously. Every post has a home, if you don’t believe hover that mouse over the menu bar below the logo. When a new post hits the internet it’ll instantly be filed under the right heading, meaning a better browsing experience for all.

Mike's Unboxing Corner

“Unboxing Videos!” Mike takes a peak inside of the Bioshock 2 Collectors Edition

So what now?

We never intended for this site to ‘beat’ other websites out there. We are more than aware that you can find billions of games-related websites with one well placed Google search. What we do enjoy doing though is posting videogame content that we hope you guys enjoy too, whether it be written, filmed or spoken.

Time is a precious commodity, and while we admit we’ve had large moments of the past 3 years where we haven’t posted as regular as we’d have liked we do honestly hope to make this a thing of the past.

We have new videos in the pipeline and our main podcast will be returning in the near future. For now we have new videos hitting the internet this week and if you haven’t already checked it out then why not give the ‘Football Manager Confessions’ podcast a listen?

Speaking of FM Confessions we are very grateful that Sam and Jack have allowed us to host their podcast, Ben (and our other guest speakers) for helping with our podcast as well as the two Pauls who have made us giggle/think on more than the odd occasion with their articles (Rambleast Thoughts/Rants and Fallout! (From My Brain). This year we are increasingly going to be asking and talking to various people about bringing content to BlastProcess.com ether on a one-off basis or possibly as a regular ‘thing’. If you have an article you’d like to get published, a video you’d like us to share or a podcast you wish to share with us then please do get in touch. Our inbox is open 24/7 so drop us an email at contact@blastprocess.com and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

Gamestation Crewe Promo Video

Dave and Mike trying to remember what they were going to say during a video recording

It’s Broken!

One quick note. With this site being new and all you may come across the odd broken ‘bit’. If you do please do flag it up for us by ether commenting or dropping us an email, contact@blastprocess.com.

We are the future, but we are the past

At that point I’m going to wrap this up. Thanks to our regular readers for continuous support and for enjoying our work, and to you new folk I hope you bookmark us and enjoy our current and previous content.

Thanks again. We’ll let you get back to your gaming now.

Mike, Tom, Dave and the rest of the BlastProcess.com team.


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