Playstation Meeting 2013: Watch it LIVE here!


Today is of course the 20th February 2013. A date that, for us gaming geeks anyway, is significant as Sony prepares to announce…something.

UPDATE: You’ll be able to watch the live stream below. Join the conversation by tweeting @BlastProcess during the show:

Sony have been pushing the ‘Playstation Meeting’ that will be happening this evening (11pm GMT) for a number of weeks, with only teaser trailers to hint at the agenda. The past week or so has also seen videos from Sony charting the evolution of the Playstation, both in its home console form and its handheld equivalents.

While Microsoft had the upper hand at the beginning of the last generation of consoles with an early announcement and release of the Xbox 360 a number of months before the Playstation 3 launched, Sony obviously felt as though they needed to show their hand first this time. That is of course, if tonight does see the announcement of the Playstation 4.

Surely it must be? The hype they’ve created has made tonight’s event a talking point, with most major videogame websites preparing to stream/live blog the event online. Twitter is a flurry of speculation, rumours and general anticipation of what we could see this evening.

Myself and Mike will be tweeting from the @BlastProcess Twitter feed during the show tonight and hope to have a small blog post up during/soon after the meeting.

Until then why not watch the video playlist below (featuring videos focused on each of Sony’s major consoles) while I also recommend Edge Online’s article regarding the making of the original Playstation.

See you online this evening.


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