Playstation Meeting Summary

It’s 1am, I have very little time…but lets have a quick summary of tonight’s conference shall we?

Playstation 4:  It’s coming Holiday 2013, although it didn’t specify regions.

Remote Play:  Much like the Wii Gamepad, you’ll be able to transfer games from your TV to you Vita so that you can carry on gaming even if someone else takes over your TV.

Technical Specs: It’s a beast, with an enhanced PC GPU and 8gb of RAM for starters. You’ll be able to upload and download updates/videos etc in the background seamlessly thanks to a 2nd chip.

Dual Shock 4: Sony have gone to great lengths to reduce latency issues between the pad and the console. It also features a touch pad similar to the rear of the Vita, a ‘Share’ button for instant upload of videos and screenshots, a mic input and a light bar to distinguish between players. It’ll also work with a camera bar that will be able to judge the distance between the pad and the console.

dual shock4

Digital: Thanks to the purchase of Gaikai you’ll be able to buy and download titles instantly on the same day they arrive on shelves. Also, you can start to play titles that you are downloading before they’ve fully downloaded. You can ‘try’ full releases without buying them instantly.

Friends: Social Network-style interface. Ability to spectate other people’s gameplay and pass on hints and tips. You can even hand control of your game to someone else in case you’re stuck and need assistance. All fully integrated with mobile devices, including phones and Vita. Partnership with UStream to broadcast gameplay.

No native backwards compatibility: Although Gaikai plan on bringing every PSOne, PS2 and PS3 title to the digital range.

New titles announced: Gameplay of the following new games… Killzone Shadowfall, DriveClub (from the makers of Motorstorm), inFamous Second Son, Deep Down (from Capcom, in the style of Skyrim/Dark Souls) and The Witness (from the makers of Braid). Footage of Killzone gameplay can be found in the video below.

Square Enix: New Final Fantasy title to be announced at this year’s E3.

Ubisoft: New Watch_Dogs footage shows free-running, ‘hacking’ on-the-fly.

Blizzard: Partnered with Sony to bring Diablo 3 to Playstation 3 and 4. 4 player single screened co-op. More details to be announced at PAX East.

Activision: Confirmed Destiny is in production for both Playstation 3 and 4. Exclusive content for Playstation owners too.

We’ll cover the finer details in the next few days, but for now…for me…its time to go to bed! You can watch a repeat of the conference at this link.


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