Aliens: Colonial Marines – Bug Hunt DLC OUT NOW


It looks like Bug Hunt the first DLC to hit A:CM has landed on the XBOX 360, priced at 1,200 Microsoft Points. While the season pass is priced at 2,400 msp, buying the complete pass would be a big saving if the first DLC price is anything to go by.

This pack lets up to 4 friends play together, across 3 new maps, in an all new multiplayer mode – Bug Hunt. Bug Hunt is an objective based horde mode where accuracy and teamwork are key as you battle to survive 30 waves of increasingly challenging xenos and enemy Weyland-Yutani soldiers. Fight the fear across 3 brand-new maps: Broadside, Mercenary and Tribute. Spend money earned from killing xenos and enemy soldiers on extra guns, ammo and health as well as opening up access to new areas of the map and suppressing enemy waves by capturing beacon points.

I’ll give my own thoughts on Bug Hunt in the coming week. You can see my article on ‘Can DLC save Aliens Colonial Marnies’ here.


To find the DLC via the XBOX you will need to search for Aliens in the A-Z section under the game add-on’s because for some reason the content is not being displayed within the newest add-ons.

Bug Hunt DLC.


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