Zone of The Enders Merch!

Insert Coin Clothing, the guys who specialize in ‘geeky’ garments have in the past released clothing inspired by big gaming IPs such as Assassins Creed, Dead or Alive and Sonic the Hedgehog.

This morning though, they’ve really out done themselves. After intense negotiations with Konami they are set to release a line of Zone of the Enders inspired gear.

If you’ve never heard of Zone of the Enders (Z.O.E for short) then you are really missing out. Original released on the Playstation 2, Z.O.E featured giant Orbital Frames (think by ‘mechs similar to those featured in Japanese anime such as the Gundam series) duking it out in space. It was followed some time later by a sequel, which sadly was a little hard to get hold of here in the UK even though it was a much more polished videogame.

Its core fan base have been desperate for a third title (ignoring the poor GBA version of the game). Last year Hideo Kojima finally answered their prayers by announcing that Z.O.E 3 is finally in development. If you haven’t played ether of the previous titles then you should hunt down a copy of the HD Collection which includes both games. It was released towards the end of last year.

Insert Coin Clothing currently have three t-shirts designed, which can be viewed below:

Anubis tee Jehuty tee Vic Viper

Pretty awesome eh? It only gets better too, as they are creating a hoodie too and it looks AMAZING:

Jehuty hoodie

You can zip the hood closed and run around your room pretending to be the mech Jehuty! (running around room not advised, likely to end in tears due to broken items and/or bones).

Not a fan of Zone of the Enders? Not to worry! As part of the Konami deal look out for future releases involving Silent Hill, Contra and Castlevania!

A release date for all of the above product lines are to be confirmed. Keep an eye on for further details or follow them on Twitter (@insertcointees).


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