Blast Process Plays: Crusader Kings II Part 3

ck2 3 title

The Civil war

Continuing my Crusader Kings II play-though, February 1068 – January 1076

Jumping straight back into the game from my previous save sees a number of important events about to reach conclusion.

On the 2nd February 1068 my wife gives birth to a boy which I name Stewie.  As the succession laws in Spain are different from the ones in Ireland,  Stewie has been named the heir to the county of Zamora through his mother.

I receive a call to arms from one of my brothers in law once again, this time the King of Navarra has declared war on the Hudid in order to take control of one of their provinces.  I accept his request but have no intention of actually sending any troops over until I know my own kingdom is safe.

With my army almost back at full strength after the previous wars I decide now is the chance to seize the county of Ormond.  With my plot at above 100% power I dispatch my Bishop with a letter asking the Earl to hand over his title without a fight, almost immediately he replies, refusing to hand me his land and telling me that if I want it I need to take it by force, so I do.  Ragnvald has a slightly bigger army than me, 420 to my 390 but as I am leading the army myself I have a much higher martial ranking than Ragnvald so the size difference shouldn’t be a problem.  The Initial battle takes place in Killaloe and quickly turns in my favor, as the battle is nearing its end I get separated from the fighting and spot Ragnvald himself across the field preparing to charge me.

ck2 3 2

My character is listed as being a very competent fighter, plus as the battle is going in my favor anyway I decide to risk it and move in for some personal glory.

ck2 3 3

Rather than executing him on the spot, I decide to take him prisoner.

ck2 3 4

With Ragnvald in chains and his army reduced to just 30 men the victory is mine.  Locked in my dungeon he has no choice but to hand over his titles to me.

Peace in our time

With Peace in Ireland I look over to Spain to find that my allies are throwing around armies of 2000 to 6000 men, way out of my league so ill leave them to it.  My armies have been pretty beat up and need time to recover, so I order my Marshall to begin training replacements.

I arrange a few more marriages and sort out some small problems, my eldest son is now married to a Hungarian princess bringing in new alliances and family links and she immediately becomes pregnant, showing just how fertile these Hungarian girls are, my own wife also becomes pregnant in October 1069.

I then get a rather interesting bit of news from the Holy Roman Empire, a Count has discovered the Holy Grail.  I’m not sure how this effects me in the long run, but as Catholics every character within my kingdom have gained a nice chunk of prestige as a reward.

ck2 3 5

Time moves along quite fast now, my armies are now up to the largest they have been in a long time, over 600 men. I decide to launch some ships and send them down to Spain to aid my allies and hopefully get some loot before its all gone.

The Betrayals

While away fighting in Spain  my wife gives birth to a daughter who gets the rather unfortunate name of Steve, that’s what I get for asking for name suggestions, I also gain my first grandchild, Rois (pronounced rose?).  After a rather uneventful war with one siege won and no rewards I return home across the sea.

As I arrive home after two months away i’m in for a huge shock, my wife is bed with my councilor and nephew Malachy!!  And as if that wasn’t enough, she informs me she is pregnant again, and its not mine!!!!!!  Someone is going to lose a body part for this.

ck2 3 6

After all this betrayal, catching my other nephew scheming a way to become my Marshall is almost comical.  I put on my best angry face and tell him to pack it in, and he does.  Shortly after this my wife’s baby is born and now is my chance for revenge.  I hatch a plot to make her pay for what she put me through, and who better than to recruit for it than her own sister Elvira, ah sisterly love.

While my plot is brewing I decide to drown my sorrows by having a summer fair, but even that doesn’t go well as there is a rather unflattering puppet show about me in it.  During the Fair my Marshall’s wife murdered by assassins, i’m not sure who to blame for this as I was certain I put a stop to the plot when I confronted my nephew, but I add it to my ever growing list of people who need to lose limbs.

After all the sex and killing and plots and so forth, i’m asked a question, a question that every parent dreads to hear “daddy where do children come from?” i’m so taken back by this after all that’s happened so far that I need to have a lie down for few months.

ck2 3 8

7 months later

Once again my Spanish relatives are at war, I decide that chopping off a few Spanish heads might quench my lust for revenge so I gather my army, the largest yet at just short of 1000 men and head south. While in Spain I end up doing the very thing that my wife got me so angry at in the first place, I jump into bed with a wench and get her pregnant. Oops.

I’m not going to need that revenge plot any more, I think we are pretty much even now.  Especially as while I was away my scumbag nephew is dies, and I swear I had nothing to do with it.  Just to rub salt into the wound I choose to adopt the boy into my court, this really annoys my wife but I don’t really care any more.  The fighting in Spain is starting to go horribly wrong, I lose my entire army and my brother in law is defeated losing almost two thirds of his kingdom, I do make it back home in one piece though and with a child in tow.

Its not all bad news, I have gained a new nickname, I am now King Murchad the Wise, result.

ck2 3 9

I spend the next few months sorting out any local disputes, I name my eldest son Brian the Earl of Ormond, I shuffle around a few council seats and arrange a few more marriages.  I also release the former Earl Ragnvald from my prison after almost 8 years locked up, and he flees Ireland to the Isle of Man.

The game once again ends January 1st 1076.


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