Blast Process Plays: Crusader Kings II Part 4

ck2 4 title

Continuing my Crusader Kings II play-though, January 1076 – August 1084.

I am the Law.

Hot of my defeat in Spain and my series of social disasters I decide to implement a new law giving me yet more power over my vassals.  I raise my clan control from none to some so my feudal lords are now on even footing with my cities.  This raises my tax income by a tiny amount but also gives me significantly more troops to call on during wars.  Changing a law requires a majority vote from all my vassals, six votes out of ten with myself holding three of the votes.  The law is easily passed.

Now that my cash is starting to build up and my troops are gaining fresh recruits I take a bit of time to look around.  My son Brian after being named Earl of Ormond immediately did something to annoy his bishop Torstein, who promptly declared war on him for is independence.  As I am both of their lords I figured I could step in and tell them both to play nicely but my laws allow my vassals to fight freely among themselves, and as I have to wait 10 years before changing laws there is nothing I can do.

Imagine the road signs

Looking over at England i see that King William has finally defeated all his rivals as well as started a few wars of his own and captured parts of Wales and Scotland, I’m hoping he wont come for Ireland next like what happened in real life.  Quite unlike in real life, he has renamed England.  It is now called Anglieterre, which I’m guessing is the French name.

The Byzantium Empire is once again united and is back to being one of the two superpowers of the world alongside the Imperial Romans.

ck2 4 1

Spain is another story.  I have been watching my four brothers in law fighting with each other for the last ten years and things are about to come to a conclusion.  The four minor kingdoms of Leon, Galicia, Portugale and Zamora have all been swallowed up by Castilla effectively reducing my allies from four to two, but one of those two is now considered to be almost as strong as France or England.

Once again despite our cheating natures I have got wife pregnant with my fifth child.

Stewie the Butcher

In county Thormond, my seat of power, I continue the building work to improve Castle Bunratty.  I upgrade the pub to an inn, I replace the wooden keep with a stone one and build a stone enclosure around the entire thing.  All these upgrades will significantly increase my personal wealth and the defenses of my capital.

During construction work my son Stewie gets himself into a bit of bother, I catch him roaming the castle dungeons with a bloody knife, kids eh.

ck2 4 2

My fifth child is born and it’s another girl.  I name her after my sister Derbforgail who had died before my game had started, or I would name her after her but that name is a bit of a mouthful so I call her Debby.

Back to Spain we go

April 1079, King Sancho of Castilla declares war on the Aftasid people, deja vu or what.  With Castilla now the powerhouse of Spain and my own army growing in numbers I can’t see how this war cant go well for me.  I gather my forces of almost 1000 men, pile onto my boats and make the very familiar trip south.

I land of the coast of Setubal and immediately begin besieging the coastal cities.  The Aftasid armies haven’t even bothered to leave their castles as they know they can’t possibly win in a straight up fight.  The opening siege takes a little less than a year but when victory comes it is sweet.  The cash I gain from looting the city flows back home replacing what I spent improving my castle but to make things that much better, I manage to kill Sheikh Ali during  the final push over the walls and capture Wali Rashid and a scholar named Utman Utman.

ck2 4 3

My army then joins up with forces of Duke Nuno and Bishop Boson and together we quickly overrun the rest of the enemy cities.  During this final push I receive bad news from home, by bastard son Cerball who I gained the last time I was in Spain has died of illness at age 7.

ck2 4 4

Chancellor Tadg, what a Legend

Just as the war in Spain is reaching a conclusion I receive yet another letter from home, my Chancellor Tagd, not to be confused with my spymaster Tagd, has finally managed to get me a legal claim on County Connacht, the Bribes were high but after my success in Spain I can afford it.  I pile my army back onto the boats and return home ready to launch a war of my own.

ck2 4 5

With only 750 men remaining I should still have more than enough to capture a single province, I immediately declare war and move in for the kill.

Again the entire war lasts about a year but once its all over I am named Earl of Connacht taking Castle Mayo as my seat and add another chunk of Ireland to my growing kingdom. The war in Spain is also now over so that gives me five wars won against one war lost, not a bad score so far.

ck2 4 6

After capturing one more county I am almost at the point where I can claim the throne of all Ireland, I just need one more minor Kingdom and three more counties, luckily I happen to have a claim on a neighboring county that will not only bring in one of the three I need, but will also allow me to name myself King of Connacht rather then just Earl, I also have a niece with a minor claim on county Tyrone , if I help her win the claim I can make her my vassal and add the county to my growing kingdom.

Equal Opportunity Employer

With both wars over I take a glance at my two prisoners, one is a wali, which I think is the Arabic title equivalent to my mayor or baron and he is worth quite a bit of ransom so I send a letter to his sheikh who calls me names and mentions something about a dead camel, but agrees to pay up .  The other when I captured him was the Arabic equivalent of the court chaplain, but he we fired from his post after failing to turn up for work for almost 2 years.  He is worth no ransom at all so I simply release him, and to my surprise he chooses not to go home but stay as an adviser in my court.

Utman Utman is an Andalusian by birth and a member of the Sunni religion, but as his skills are stupidly good I decide to give him a chance, but only on the condition that he converts his religion.  After just one day he agrees to become catholic and I promote him to my court chaplain where he is three times more skilled than my previous guy.  So now one of my most trusted advisers is a former enemy prisoner of a different culture and background, but look at it this way, NASA’s top scientists were all captured Germans  so I have big plans for this guy.  Oh yeah, he also has three wives and about 20 kids all who now hate him, something I can relate to, luckily for the both of us, they decided to stay in southern Spain.

ck2 4 7

As my gaming session comes to an end there is another bit of good news, my son Brian who has been stuck in stalemate civil war has gained help in the form of Earl Muiredach and an additional 400 troops who arrive to flatten the uprising of Bishop Torstein.  I also get information from my spymaster Tagd, not to be confused with my chancellor Tagd, that he has found evidence that my son Stewie’s wife is planning on murdering him.  She has a completely unpronounceable name so until I can find someone who can say or spell it she is going to have to remain at large, maybe that’s why she wants him dead, he must have called her something else one time too many.

ck2 4 8

I end my game, for now, August 1084.


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