XBOX One – What they didn’t tell you

microsoft-xbox-one-01The ‘XBOX One’ Microsoft’s next generation console has been announced and named. We aren’t the first or the last place to bring you this news but I’m going to put together a short piece detailing some features and questions that weren’t a focus of the main event last night.

  • Video and music bought through Xbox Live will transfer to the Xbox One
  • Xbox One, arcade and indie games will all be under one Games Tab within the martket place
  • No cross-play between Xbox 360 and Xbox One games
  • Only Xbox One accessories will work with the console
  • The 500GB HHD is a fixed storage but external storage devices can be used
  • Xbox Live accounts, including gamerscore and achievement  will carry over to the Xbox One
  • Xbox 360 games will not work on the Xbox One

A lot of things are still unclear about the Xbox One, like how pre-owned games will work on the console or weather a daily connection to the internet is needed for the console to function. E3 is around the corner so hopefully everything will be cleared up by this time.

If you’ve got any thoughts about Microsoft’s next console, we’d love to hear them!




One response to “XBOX One – What they didn’t tell you

  1. Seems very tv centric, and I’m not sure I like the fact it looks like an 80s vhs player. I’m not sure what to make of the One. I don’t think I’ll get one at launch, but I’m wager to see what Microsoft will bring post launch.

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