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Scout Report – Pedro Leon (Real Madrid) / (Sam)



Pedro Leon is a 25 year old Spanish attacking right winger who signed for Real Madrid from Getafe in the 2009/10 season for £9m. After a few successful seasons in LIGA BBVA with various clubs such as Valladolid, Levante and of course Getafe, he has played very little football over the past two years since moving to the Bernabeu where he has been in the shadow of great players such as Christiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil, Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria.

Due to this dense concentration of world class players he finds himself out on loan at Getafe at the beginning of the 2012/13 season, and with a Real Madrid contract of £50,000 a week that doesn’t expire until June 2016, he is not a player that many teams can consider buying at the beginning of the game.  However, if you are in your second or third season and are looking for a quality right winger at a bargain price, look no further than Pedro Leon.

I picked him up for my Crewe team on a free at the end of his contract for a weekly wage of 44k and the promise of squad rotation. Although now 29, and severely lacking match fitness (7 league games in 2 years for Real Madrid) he is still one of the most technically gifted right wingers in the game comparable in style to David Beckham with attributes such as Free Kicks (17), Corners (18), Crossing (18), Passing (16), First Touch (16) and Technique (18). Unfortunately  (just like Beckham) he is only just above average in the physical and mental attribute categories, with the only stats above 14 in these areas being Composure (15), Creativity (17) and Flair (17) and most lingering around 10 or 11, including his Workrate (10; which is an attribute I always look for in a Winger, in order to get the best out of them defensively), Determination (10), Acceleration (12), Pace (13), Stamina (12). Despite these flaws, he has become a valuable squad  player for my Premier League Crewe team making 20 appearances in all competitions (3 from the bench) and bagging 3 goals and 10 assists along the way! An assist every two games is exactly the right stat for a winger, especially a free winger on a “modest” Premier League wage. However, admittedly, he is my first choice free kick and corner taker, so anything less than an assist every two games would be very disappointing, but it’s good to know he is doing everything asked of him.

Player of Month – Damien Reeves (Jack)

PIC 3 - Damien Reeves

Reeves really is the standout player in the Blue Square Bet North League that we’re playing in on our online game. Luckily he plays for Altrincham and not  those scumbags over at Chester. He’s also worth more than the rest of the league put together. He’d be a leading star at most League One sides, but somehow he’s at Altrincham and I love him for it.  He’s got a high Off The Ball stat, decent work rate and good finishing.

Goal of the Month – Damien Reeves (

And here’s an example of Reeves doing what he does best. Scoring screamers.

Game of the Month – Crewe vs Real (Sam)

PIC 4 - Crewe vs Real Madrid

Where’s The Passion Lad’s?

Jack- Nottingham Forest (FM10)

My worst ever experience on Football Manager was a fateful 60 day stint at Nottingham Forest on either FM10 or 11, I can’t quite remember because I’ve  repressed all the horrible memories into a safe place in my subconscious.

Despite the hours of therapy it’ll cost me, I’m more than happy to go back into these dark times for the entertainment of the podcast listeners. It was just one of those games where everything went wrong. I had to cut Forest’s wage budget, the team wasn’t good enough and the board expected, at the minimum, a  playoff finish.

I didn’t put anywhere near as much time and effort into scouting players as I do now (which is still minimal), I managed to alienate the entire team in my first press conference. I had an argument with the former captain and ended up letting him go on a free and I’m fairly sure we lost all of a pre season games. I’d like to say I was trying to do this badly, but the fact is I just wasn’t very good. After cutting the senior playing staff, none of my loan moves came off and Forest went on a 5 game run at the start of the season without winning a single game. I resigned in early October, jumping before I was pushed, with my reputation in tatters. I then made the mistake of applying for every job going, and getting laughed out of all them. Eventually I got accepted to manage Weston-SuperMare, but it was too late. I never loaded that game again. Where’s the passion lads?


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