E3 had an abundantly busy day yesterday, I for one could not contain all my excitement throughout the day. I’m pretty sure one of the guys will do a full on post covering the ins and outs of E3, but until then I thought I would talk about the things that got me on the edge of my seat.

Watch Dogs:

The announcement of Watch Dogs at last years E3 was what stole the show for me and this year Ubisoft continued with that by showing flawless gameplay footage which shows off the HUB and how easy it is to hack into your surroundings whilst performing other tasks such as driving. The idea of the hacking into cameras and then using them to hack into other devices adds another level to the stealth factor of the game. The part of this trailer that took me by surprise is when the player requested help from another user playing on a mobile device, the seamless integration of these is truly amazing. Don’t just take my word for it, take a look for yourself.

The Division

Yet again the Ubisoft conference ended on a high with the reveal of The Division, I could not get over how detailed this looked and the post apocalyptic feel to this game can really be taken in throughout the trailer. I absolutely love the world map popping up like a hologram as well as the fact the menu screen is integrated into the players outfits and doesn’t require the game to pause. Again Ubisoft integrated the use of the tablet with one of the players performing an airstrike before going offline. The end of the trailer really shows how Ubisoft are aiming to connect players together. This is defiantly a game ill be keeping an eye one.

Square Enix

For the whole of the Sony conference I was sat with my fingers crossed hoping Square would show something, what I expected to see and what I saw could not have been more different, Square have truly left me wanting more.

A new trailer showing astoundingly beautiful graphics from Final Fantasy Versus 13, now rebranded as Final Fantasy 15. The battle system is not turn-based but the switch between exploration and battle is non-existent. I cannot wait for this next instalment which is long overdue but I am so glad they held this back to be on PS4 as it is well deserved and will truly push the boundaries.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be spoilt anymore, Square Enix shows yet another trailer for one of my top 3 favourite franchises…

You guessed it, Kingdom Hearts 3! Although this trailer only states it is in development it is defiantly a step in the right direction and from the small bit of footage shown, it is going to look flawless.

I think its pretty obvious which console I will be buying on launch, I could not be more excited about this next year, gaming will never be the same.


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