Podcast #33: A New Dawn

The Blast Process Show is back, and it wants all of your bases.

Join returning regulars Dave, Ben and Tom along with Mat (co-host of Tom and Mat Attack) as they discuss the small matter of two brand new consoles, games they’ve been the past few weeks and also the recently announced the most expensive special edition that the gaming industry has ever seen.

The Top 3 also returns, as the team talk about characters they’d hate to have on the podcast as a guest. And finally Ben challenges Tom, Dave and Mat in a spin-off of the popular ‘ebayenetta’ podcast game.

As always if you wish to contact the show you can! @BlastProcess, Facebook.com/BlastProcess or email us contact@blastprocess.com.

* Apologies for the slight drop in sound quality. Replacement microphone inbound! *

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You can download the podcast in two ways:

Direct Download (right click and save as)

Browse our iTunes store page

Music: ‘Protovision’ by Kavinsky (from the album ‘Outrun’


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