Eurogamer Expo Day One

(Content is being posted via my mobile)

Day one – Standing in a queue.

The first day of Eurogamer Expo is over with and here’s what we got up to.


Ok, here’s the deal. What we could tell was that TitanFall had the biggest queue going but what more do you expect from the master minds that bought you Call of Duty. This is Respawn Entertainments first game and it’s due out next year.

Yaiba Ninja gaiden

Ninjas vs zombies, what more could we ask for? This time around we have cel-shaded graphics to power this brutal hack and slash action game.

Final Fantasy X/X2 HD

This Sony exclusive HD Remastered game is just as we remembered the classic PS2 release. Like other HD versions of older games, this was a joy to behold and is worth a play through.

Dying Light

Next generation zombies are coming and Dying Light has you covered. Free-roaming, free running and day and night cycles that change the gameplay are just some of the things to look forward to. Zombie fans will love this.

We will continue to update over the next few days along with video content that we will be producing so keep checking the site.


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