Incoming content…


What can we say? “I’ll be back” – Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s exactly what we are.

We’ve all been very busy with a number of things but we are looking at getting back on track and bringing content back to the site, may that be through our YouTube page and chatting on Facebook / Twitter.

Tom & Mat have been doing a fantastic job hosting a weekly podcast that can be found here. The guys are also looking at creating videos and I for one cant wait to see those!

Chris has been recording Let’s Plays on our YouTube page with a lot of footage coming from Steam’s early access program, so remember to check those out.

Eurogamer Expo finished last week where myself and Dave attended, along with Neil who hosted the Gears of War Judgment unboxing for us. Videos are already uploaded and we still have more to come!

We are also all off to ReplayEvents: Play Expo this coming sunday so remember to check back and see what we get up to from that event.


Anything you’d like us to do more of or bring back to the site then give us a shout or contact us here.


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