Pinball Crazy – Humble Bundle

This week’s Humble Bundle has been running for a couple of days now and if your a fan of pinball games you’ll love this weeks selection!

Get Pinball FX2‘s Core Pack, Zen Classics Pack, Earth Defense Table, Paranormal Table and Epic Quest Table on Steam for Windows when you pay $1 or more. Unlock pinball games of galactic proportions like Pinball FX2‘s Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Pack, Star Wars Pack and Marvel Pinball Original Pack when you pay $6 or more.

Buyers of this weekly sale can also choose how they want their purchase allocated: to the developers, Zen Studios, and/or two fantastic charities, Watsi and American Red Cross.

humble bundle pinball

Humble Bundle is a fantastic way to add PC / Mobile games to you’re collection and at a fraction of the RRP price! All monies raised from these ‘pay what you want’  deals are split between the developers and the chosen charity.


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