Candy Crush Saga/Temple Run

Regular reader Melissa has kindly sent in two small reviews of her favourite mobile games. Check them out below!


” Candy Crush Saga is a one-thumbed time waster carefully calculated to suck you in”

Sucks you right in to a world where “just one more game” becomes irrepressible and demanding. Each game can take as little as a couple of minutes – no setting up consoles, digging out games and plugging in, so there really is always time for one more.

Sweetie Maths

It’s ridiculously easy. Match up three of the same sweet and they vanish giving you points (as with many old style arcade games), match up more than three and you start to get special sweets which can destroy almost a whole board of sweets in one move (if you are lucky). Stripy sweets remove an entire row or column of sweets, and if the sweet appears in a rapper then it explodes destroying all the sweets it’s touching. The further you go the more difficult it gets. You meet bombs which end the entire game if you don’t destroy them before the countdown ends – and you don’t just get one, they keep on coming!

Sugar Coated Grades

It all seems so simple.
You have a set number of moves (25 here) and you have to reach a certain number of points (10000 here) to get onto the next level (each level has different  numbers of moves and points to progress). As I’ve already said, the way to get points is to destroy sweets whichever way you can, and if you don’t reach the right number of points you stay on the level you are on. Looking at the point chart here, it has three stars and if you reach those starts, those are the grades which you will be awarded for that level. You either get one, two or three grades, and some are definitely harder to reach than others.

Delicious Gaming Goodness

As a game it’s fun and fulfilling (as long as you don’t get stuck on one level for weeks at a time) and through Facebook you can see how all your friends are doing as well as sending extra lives (for more games) and extra moves. But it is addictive. You won’t be able to put it down no matter what platform you play it on. I was stuck on a level for weeks, and simply gave up and got bored – and that seems the only way to break the addiction.

Addiction rating:
A frightening 5/5

Whether its Temple Run or Temple Run 2, this Indiana Jones inspired race to flee from the demon monkeys is frustrating and engaging to the max, whether you’re leaping ravines or stuck in a mine cart – you just can’t put it down.


Lets start at the beginning…

The game opens and your character is pictured fleeing from demon monkeys ( or one giant monkey in the second game), the countdown on the screen hits “GO” and the madness ensues.

The character runs automatically for the whole game, you control where they run, jumping, ducking and which side of the path to run on (strangely important) and that’s more than enough to keep you occupied.

Quick run down of the controls for IPhone and IPad
Jump – swipe upwards: jump over gaps in the path, trees, ruins the lot!
Dive – swipe downwards: dive under low bridges and flaming rods.
Run on the left – tilt screen left: the paths fall away and you can dodge items
Run on the right – tilt screen right: same as the above

If you don’t dodge items on your way, you’ll be rewarded with a screech from behind you and the demon monkeys reappear on your tail until to run far enough away and they disappear again, trip too many times and they’ll simply eat you up- often with a cheeky message for you.

Your aim to to simply keep running, collecting coins on your way. These can buy many things including more power ups to appear in the game and unlock new characters to run as (such as Usain Bolt!) which help you to run faster. In Temple Run 2 these coins also help to power up a Power Up of your choice (mine’s normally coin magnet) to help you get more coins and hopefully not die throughout the game.

temple run 2
It really is as simple as that!
Mega bonus is that it’s free and so much fun. With such fun games for free why would you pay for others?

Melissa Caroline


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