Tom + Mat Attempt – Minecraft



We’re branching out into Video! The aim of this series is simple: One of our co-hosts dislikes a particular game or genre, that the other host loves, who then has half an hour to convince and guide the hating host through the experience!

This week’s game is Minecraft! Tom doesn’t really see what all the fuss is about, Mat used to really enjoy playing it on the PC before moving to Denmark with a big online community. So naturally, he then decides to try and bring Tom in using the Xbox 360 version, and as a single player experience…

Join Tom as he ventures into Pootopia, a land of possibility and wonder, as Mat shouts at and berates him for a good 30 minutes!

For more fun with Tom + Mat, check out our Podcast, Tom + Mat Attack, available now on iTunes & Stitcher.



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