Tom + Mat Attempt – The LEGO Movie


Watch Tom + Mat Play Co-Op in a truly first delve into TT Game’s newest addition to the LEGO Games series, based on the Awesome LEGO Movie! Naturally, Semi-Spoilers are included, as it’s a game based off  a film… but you knew that, didn’t you?

Watch the boys be awed by the game’s new features, smash everything in sight for studs, and narrate over all of the voice over content of the professional actors… We tried to cut as much of the cinematic’s from the Attempt to give you an opinion of the game, and not to spoil the Movie too much, as they’re just an outline of the plot rather than direct rips from the movie!

Naturally, all views and opinions expressed in this video are our own, and not that of The LEGO Group, TT Games or anyone else involved in the making of or distribution of this game!

For more fun with Tom + Mat, check out our Podcast, Tom + Mat Attack, available now on iTunes & Stitcher.

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