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Now this looks like my kind of game!

Loadout from Edge of Reality, sees over two million signups to it’s free 2 play game within 14 days of release.

Press release –


Over-the-Top Shooter Rockets into the Top of Steam’s Charts within First Month

AUSTIN, TX (February 28, 2014) – Edge of Reality today announced its Free-to-Play (F2P), online multiplayer shooter Loadout saw over two million users sign up for the game in its first 14 days of release. Players have logged a total of over 9 million hours in Loadout, and it currently stands as one of the top five most popular F2P titles on Steam.

“The near-overnight success of Loadout has been simultaneously humbling and exhilarating,” said Rob Cohen, CEO of Edge of Reality. “Our community means everything to us, and we can’t thank them enough for helping to makeLoadout what it is today.”

Since its official release on January 31 of this year, Loadout has been wildly popular – so popular, in fact, that it made getting into the game on day one quite the feat. To prepare for the mass influx of people, Edge of Reality set up additional infrastructure, but even those precautions proved insufficient to meet demand.
“The incredible surge of interest at launch shattered all our expectations, and it unfortunately just became too much for our servers to handle in the beginning,” added Cohen. “Very few Steam titles have reached the peak concurrent users we achieved upon release. We’re committed to delivering an excellent game to our community, and we continue to work hard to ensure that our servers provide all our players with the same fluid, responsive, and enjoyable experience across the board.”

About Loadout
Loadout is the fast-paced, free to play shooter that has been critically praised for its wild humor, acrobatic gameplay, and INSANE quantity of weapons and customization options. From your gun’s chassis and barrel to its trigger and stock, everything can be modified. Fire bullets, rockets, searing flame, plasma beams, healing syringes… if you can dream it, you can build it. Loadout is available for free on Steam and at www.Loadout.com.

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About Edge of Reality
Edge of Reality is an independent, world-class console game development studio based in Austin, Texas. Throughout its 16-year history, the studio has released 16 titles on 8 platforms, selling over 20 million units worldwide. The company is entrusted with some of the biggest brands in the industry, and the team works with passion to deliver high-quality entertainment. More information about Edge of Reality and its products can be found on the company’s website, www.edgeofreality.com.


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