Exploding it’s way to Steam is Explodemon



Explodemon is out on Steam
Our very first self-published title finally makes it onto Steam this week!
About Explodemon

Explodemon is a 16-bit inspired platformer that combines the essence and feel of SNES-era platform games with the depth and variety of modern games.

It’s now available on Steam for £6.99 / $8.99 with a 20% discount, or a 30% voucher if you already own Stealth Bastard, Aqua Kitty or Revenge of the Titans.

Just like Stealth Bastard, it began life as the lunchtime project of Jonathan ‘Bidds’ Biddle, our Design Director, and grew into a full game which includes 12 levels, a full upgrade system, countless collectables and now, Steam achievements!

Although it’s less well known than our other games like Stealth Bastard / Stealth Inc and Fluidity, we’re still very proud of what we achieved with Explodemon, and much of what we learned in terms of level design went on to help us build our other titles.

Explodemon was also the first game we ever made without the help of a larger publisher. We’re well known now for helping other developers bring their games to Steam and console and Explodemon was our first taste of the amount of work that involved! In fact, if you want to check out the development journey of the game, you can still read Bidds’ blog about that very subject.

We’re currently checking out the game our selfs so check back here and see our thoughts on the game soon!

Video uploaded by IGN


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