Rezzed 2014 coverage – what did we think?


Myself and Neil had a great time at this years Rezzed event that was held at the NEC in Birmingham. Below are are some videos of our hands-on time with these great upcoming games. Speaking with the developers from some of these games really gave a insight of the hard work and dedication that these people and teams put into their own game.

Most of the games at Rezzed are funded by you the public, making these games what they are today so please take the time to search them out if you find interest if any of these games, be sure to back them on there Kickstarter / donations before it’s to late.

We stop by the Unruly Attractions stand and checkout StandPoint a First-Person Puzzle Platformer that’s currently a Kickstarter project.

We had a blast playing this intense combat arena game. Check out the below video for more information and our thoughts on the game. You can find out more details about One Spear Arena right here.

It’s FEZ but this time around it’s on the PS Vita and what a perfect match it is.

Neil sets another high score but is TXK worth a download?

0RBITALIS it’s hard to explain but it’s worth your time to checkout this game by Alan Zucconi

OlliOlli is not your straight forward skate boarding game! Hard to master but the result is worth it. Roll7 is the team be hide this game, check them out here and show them some support.

Neil chills out and plays some Samba De Amigo on the Nintendo Wii.

Love action films? Like shooting games like Metal Slug well BroForce is for you!


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