[Poll] Ready for Nintendo Day?

My memory has never been that great…but can anyone remember the last time we, that is us the British, have had the privlidge to be graced with not one, but two fantastic Nintendo games on one release day? Answers on a postcard! (or tweet, or Facebook comment or even an email!).


Anyway, regardless it is happening this coming Friday! Super Smash Brothers, fresh from the recent news that it is now the fastest selling Wii U game (over taking Mario Kart), is out on the Wii U from this Friday. After playing a number of hours on the 3DS version I can safely say I’ve been really looking forward to the options-abound Wii U addition. Multiplayer madness will ensure no doubt, especially with Christmas incoming.

While some of us maybe dusting off our Wii Us, others may par-take in purchasing the other Nintendo release. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are both out too, on the 3DS/2DS. As the names suggest they are remakes of the GBA classics Sapphire and Ruby, but with the inclusion of Mega Stones and other various mini features, including the ability to link to the Pokemon Bank allowing you to truly attempt to ‘catch ’em all!’.


I really did think, for quite some time, that when the time came I’d be more excited for Smash Bros rather than Pokemon. While I cannot wait to crowd round a TV and play some HD ‘Smash’, I’m actually more ready for Alpha and Omega. Playing X and Y at the same time as my friends last year was really fun. The constant competition between gym battles as we all sought out new Pokemon, tweaking teams, trying out new move combos and such only added to what was a very good addition to the Pokemon series.



This got me thinking. What are you more looking forward too?

Shall we do a poll? We’ll discuss the results next week!


One response to “[Poll] Ready for Nintendo Day?

  1. I believe Mario 3D Land and Skyward Sword were released on the same day back in 2011. I remember it well, running back and forth between Game and Gamestation trying to get the most out of the price-matching trade offers.

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