The Gadget Show Live 2015: Indie Interviews

gadget-logo_Main Event Image

Mike and Neil both attended this year’s Gadget Show Live.

With lots of indie games on offer they wasted no time in breaking out the SingStar mic and get the camera rolling! What did the indie devs have to say about their games?

Lets take a peak inside, shall we?

Theo and Lizzy

We talk about Theo and Lizzy with Peter Harries. Show gameplay footage of this brand new title from Butcherlab.

BFF or Die

Shaz shows gameplay of his game and talks us through what BFF or Die is all about.


We talk about TerraTech with Kris Skellorn. We first saw TerraTech at last years Gadget Show Live. So we caught up with Kris and checked out what’s new!

Raging Justice

We play some Raging Justice and chat with Nic from Makin Games.

Horizon Shift

We play some Horizon Shift and chat with Paul from Flump Studios!


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