Popcord The Phone Cable you Wish you Had – Promo code inside!

POPCORD-logoLooking for that next gadget to help you throughout the day? I’m always on the lookout for interesting and stylish products that also serve a purpose without it being too gimmicky. That’s where Popcord comes in. A brand new product from Powergoat but what is Popcord exactly?

popcord image

On paper Popcord is a phone charger cable, simple as that. On the other hand it’s a unique, stylish and very practical. At home or while in work we are always rooting around for phone chargers and they either get misplaced or as we know it, someone else uses it.

What I like about the Popcord is it’s convenient, just attach the product to you keyring or bag then simple unclip the cable from the end and you’ve got a full functional phone cable. You can pick between a Lightning Port (iPhone 5 or above) or an Micro-USB version, along with a whole bunch of different colours.

popcord home happyInterested in picking one up? You can get 20% off you order using our Promo code BLAST20 at checkout or by clicking this link!


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