Tom + Mat Attack

Two chaps in a lonely cabin in Denmark discussing games…

The newest weekly podcast from Blast Process. Tom and Mat, two chaps in Denmark talk about all things games. News, Reviews and Previews of games both on home console and handhelds. From time to time we’ll also tell you about great game deals in DK.


Lads Night In

Live on a Friday night 7pm-9pm via redshiftradio.co.uk and available to listen again here! Join the guys as they talk games, comics, films and other geeky stuff. Weekly returning features include the game and movie charts from the previous week.

The shows below are currently on hiatus. You can check out past shows via the various links described below:


The Blast Process Show:

Join Dave, Ben and Tom (along with other special guests) as they chat about all things gaming. Home of our ‘Top 3’ segment where on each show we discuss our own Top 3s, varying from our favourite videogame locations to our most hated videogame characters.

Avaliable via direct download (see indiviual posts for each podcast) or via iTunes.

Football Manager Confessions:

Sam and Jack love playing Football Manager, so much in fact they’ve gone and created a new monthly podcast. As well as chatting about their current careers in the game, hints and scouting tips they also chat about ‘real life’ football stories. You can contact the guys directly via Facebook (facebook.com/fmconfessions) or on Twitter (@FMConfessions)

Avaliable via Soundcloud. Coming soon to iTunes and direct download.


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